About CAJ

Founded by Christos, CAJ Digital Technologies has been at the forefront of web innovation since 2005. As a seasoned website designer and WordPress specialist, Christos leads the company in providing top-tier digital solutions

My Journey

Early Enthusiasm in Tech

Born in Cyprus in 1982, my tech journey started at age 13. Curiosity led me to dismantle and reassemble my PC. This exploration sparked a deep passion for technology. Subsequently, I mastered various operating systems, beginning with Windows 95.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Despite my family’s bus business involvement, my interest in technology persisted. At 20, I established an internet café. It served as a gaming and networking hub. This endeavor deepened my interest in software, steering me towards website development.

Academic and Professional Development

In 2014, relocating to the UK marked a fresh chapter. I seized the chance to study computer science. Concurrently, I balanced my studies with freelance projects, honing my web development expertise.

Digital Empowerment Focus

Now, in my final year, I am focused on aiding businesses digitally. I’ve initiated a company to support startups and SMEs in their digital journey. My aim is to apply my knowledge to promote their online growth and success

Client Testimonials

Real Results: Case Studies

Explore our portfolio and witness our unwavering commitment to excellence. Here, best practices align seamlessly with customer satisfaction. Each project serves as a testament to our dedication, consistently delivering outstanding results. We steadfastly adhere to the pinnacle of standards in web development and digital marketing